Da Solid Brick of Torah Besorah Lessons by Brick Parrish

  Da Solid Brick of Torah Besorah Scripture
Setting Da Captives of Man Made Religious Systems Free!          Scripture Studies by Brick Parrish.

  Study of the Two House Restoration of Israel
    Da Law duz it still apply to Christians 2 They?

    WHAT is Da Doctrine of Balaam?

    Is Da New Covenant totally with us today?

    Dumb Greed e Dawgs!

    Who are the Chosen People of ?

    Beware of da Leaven of da Fare a Sees!
    Warning 2 da Sheeple, & to da False Profit$

    Da 2 Witnesses of Devarim

    And they did Evil in da sight of 

    What Is da Mystery of Iniquity?
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